Hear from Our Massage Therapy Clients

So Relaxing

I have been a patient of Trevor Horvath’s for over six years. I find that a regular visitation schedule helps relieve any stiffness and muscle aches. His massages are relaxing and stress-relieving. I have always found Trevor to be very professional, attentive to my particular concerns and knowledgeable when I had any questions.


Getting Back into Golf

As a patient of Trevor’s for over a year, he has been a supportive, professional and caring therapist who has listened to my concerns and made himself accessible in aiding me along my path to good health and my return to the golf course.

Mrs. Penny E.

A Stronger Back

After pulling a muscle in my back about four years ago, my chiropractor recommended I see Trevor at Oracle Massage. I didn’t realize at the time that one appointment would keep me coming back monthly thereafter. It isn’t that my back pain has stayed with me; my back has never been stronger. I find a regular massage helps keep my body prepared for stress or muscle strain. I can’t imagine missing my appointments now. Thanks, Trevor.

Sheri B.

Treating My Acute Sciatic Condition

I’m just taking a moment to say a word of thanks for your recent massage therapy sessions, after two of which my acute sciatic condition was greatly relieved and after the third (yesterday) has been brought under even more control. I anticipate that after one or two more sessions I will be back in the gym and, eventually, on the tennis court, something that I could not have contemplated for months yet, had it not been for your treatment. I will still, of course, continue to have periodic massage sessions thereafter as a precautionary/preventive measure.

Professional and Helpful

I have been tremendously impressed by the professional manner in which you conduct your treatment and also by your suggested physiotherapy routines. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in need of expert professional massage therapy.

Jim W.

Working Pain Free

I have been going to Trevor for more than ten years now. Being a hairstylist, I get a lot of knots all over my body; because of Trevor, I can work pain free. He really is amazing.

Nadine F.

Massage Therapy during Pregnancy

I discovered Trevor when I was seeking preventative therapy during my second pregnancy. I had suffered lower back pain with my first pregnancy and did not want to repeat the experience. After meeting with Trevor it was obvious that he understood pre-natal care – I immediately felt very comfortable. I booked regular appointments and consequently did not feel any sciatic discomfort. To this day I still look forward to my massages. Trevor is extremely professional and is concerned about my whole well-being. I would highly recommend Trevor.


Really Talented

I have been going for massage therapy regularly for the last 10 years. And I have been going to Trevor for about two years. I have a back condition which results in muscle knots which I find can be relieved by a good massage therapist. I have been to many different therapists, and Trevor is one of the most talented I have met. He knows exactly how to ease my muscle knots and aches and seems to know exactly where to massage and how much pressure to apply. I don’t have to say anything to him … he can do it all by ‘feel.’ I notice if I miss an appointment with Trevor that my back feels uncomfortable. I highly recommended Trevor as a massage therapist.

Sarah W.

Excellent Services

This is to inform all that I am a regular massage therapy client of Trevor Horvath and I find his services excellent. He takes good care of you and relieves your body of all aches/pains with his fine massage therapy. I have no hesitation in recommending him to everyone who wishes to eliminate stress/aches/pain from his/her body. Why not give him a try?

Denerine S.

Easing Back Strain

I’ve been a nurse for 40 years and suffer from the usual back strains associated with the job. I’ve been seeing Trevor for the past 8-9 years and couldn’t continue with nursing without his treatments. He has a very kind, friendly but professional manner and I have referred friends to him.


Chronic Back Problems

I have been a patient of Trevor Horvath for 3 years now and am very impressed with Trevor’s professional approach to his patients. Trevor treated me for knee problems and with a few short sessions I have enjoyed a full recovery. Trevor also treats me for a chronic problem in my lower back and with his advice and treatment, the problem has been consistently improving.

Kevin R.

Staying Active Thanks to Massage Therapy

Trevor has been able to help me improve in a number of chronic problem areas, supporting the other types of treatment and exercise I have been involved in. As a result I have been able to continue to be active in such things as hiking and dance classes, despite having a serious back injury over 10 years ago. His work is very professional and caring.


Sleeping Better

Over the past 8 years Trevor has helped to manage the symptoms of a chronic condition. He knows when I can handle a deep tissue massage and when he needs to be gentle. Massage helps me relax, de-stress, sleep better and feel better overall.


Professionalism and Thorough Techniques

I have been going to Trevor for massage therapy for the past two years and I can attest to his professionalism, thoroughness and technique in getting right to the route of the chronic pain problem in my back and neck. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family.


A Great Massage Therapist

I can vouch that you’re a great massage therapist and will call you when I need to release all knots I have in my body.


A Superior Level of Healing

Trevor has helped me with neck and back issues through therapeutic massage for over 5 years . I have had other masseuses attempt to help me while out of town on travels – no one has ever measured up to providing the level of healing that Trevor can provide.

Karen R.

Intuitive and Skilled

Trevor is a very intuitive and skilled massage therapist. As a mother of young children and an arthritis sufferer I often rely on Trevor to help me keep up with my kids! I highly recommend Trevor if you are looking for massage that is therapeutic.

Shannon N.

Highly Recommend

I’ve been a client of Trevor’s for a few years. He has a knack of finding where it hurts and gives a great deep massage. I highly recommend Trevor’s services.


Getting to the Root of the Problem

I have been seeing Trevor for a couple years now and found he has an amazing ability to get to the root of the problem every time. In my work as a dentist, the position I am in often is taxing on the body and can wind up sore. After I see Trevor, I’m good to go again! I also curl regularly and Trevor has kept me on the ice after a couple of injuries. He is highly recommended in my books!

Dr. Steve P.

Keeping Me Working

Go see this guy. If you have stress or pain, you won’t need to go anywhere else! My work is very physical and with my many injuries, Trevor has kept me working. Thanks

Paul F.

Professional Manner

Trevor was recommended to me several years ago and I have been seeing him for my massages ever since then. His professional manner and concern for his clients’ well-being keep me coming back.

Kelly R.

Skilled Massage Therapist

I have known Trevor for 12+ years and admire his dedication to the health field. Trevor puts his whole heart in ensuring that he utilizes every possible technique for healing injuries, and creating a calm and secure atmosphere. Personally I have experienced discomforts caused from pregnancy, automobile accidents, injuries, and stress, and he always is able to locate the problem areas with precision, and provide healing. He goes that extra mile by providing tips for exercises that will speed recovery. When I have traveled and have been treated by other RMT’s, I find that Trevor is by far the best in his field for me. Not to say that there are not good RMT’s available, but I prefer treatment by Trevor because he is a professional who is very skilled with his hands, and a genuine caring person. To know Trevor is an honour.


Great Massages

I have been a client of Trevor’s for the past 10 years or so. My massage is very important to me. I call it my little oasis.


Caring and Talented

Having moved to Calgary several years ago, it took me a few years to find a massage therapist that I am truly happy with. When a friend of mine highly recommended Trevor, I decided to book an appointment. It only took me one appointment to realize that Trevor is a highly skilled, caring, and talented massage therapist. When Trevor asked me to write a testimonial, I felt it was the least I could do since I’m unable to offer him very much business. This is because Trevor often resolves my issues on the first visit.