Calgary Massage Treatments and Techniques

Precautions and Suggestions before the Appointment

Before your treatment with Calgary’s Oracle Massage Therapy, avoid having a large meal. We also suggest drinking plenty of water before the massage and avoid alcohol. Because “relaxation massage” can entail many techniques depending on the masseuse, it is a good idea to call us beforehand and find out about exactly the treatment you will be getting. When you get here, please be specific when filling out your intake form, especially when it comes to pregnancy and any cuts or injuries you might have. By informing us of any complications ahead of time, we can adjust our treatments to fit your body’s needs.

Music during Treatment

There’s likely to be some soft music during your treatment. Our spa uses featureless, calming songs that allow you to float away as you relax more and more into the massage. However, if you absolutely dislike this kind of music, it might be worth taking along your own music.

Available Treatments

Relaxation Massage

The definition of relaxation massage varies depending on which massage clinic you visit, but we consider it a full-body massage that incorporates aromatherapy oils, soft lighting and soothing music into the treatments. This is a longer, more luxurious massage experience. Unlike deep tissue, Swedish or Thai massage (which are more about getting deep into the muscles), this treatment is gentle and more about calming your nerve and improving circulation throughout your body.

Deep Tissue

Using slow strokes and firm pressure on the muscles, deep tissue massage focuses on muscles and tendons on specific areas of your body. Focusing on your trouble spots allows us to better release the muscles that are knotted and strained while also encouraging better circulation and breaking down scar tissue. Deep tissue massage is often suggested for those recovering from sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents. Some of our deep tissue treatments include cross-fibre friction, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and HR stretching.

Cross-fibre Friction

Working across the fibres of the muscle, we can use this specialized form of massage to treat chronic muscular tension.

Trigger Point Therapy

A feature of Thai massage, trigger point therapy kick starts your circulation system by first restricting blood flow and then releasing that tension. New blood flows through the system, making the limbs feel warm and reinvigorated.

Myofascial Release

A stretching technique used by physiotherapists to treat soft tissue problems, myofascial release or “connective tissue massage” refreshes and relaxes the muscles by stretching the tough tissues surrounding the various muscle, bone, organs, nerves and blood vessels within your body.

HR Stretching

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF Stretching)

Used by athletes and those dealing with muscle and joint issues, “hold and relax” stretching puts pressure on those muscles while the joints are put through the full range of motion.


Aromatherapy is the application of various essential oils massaged into the body or used as a scent in the air in order to enhance the massage experience. At your Oracle Massage Therapy treatment, we might use eucalyptus in the air to help with a cough or sooth a strained muscle with a mix of mint essence and other herbal oils. Besides calming you, aromatherapy can help improve muscle flexibility, skin tone, mood and sleep issues.

Remedial Exercise

Remedial exercise restores and improves your musculoskeletal system through a mixture of active and passive exercises, static and dynamic stretching and resistance strength training. We’ll work together during the appointment, but you can also do these exercises at home in between sessions!